The World’s Largest Lesson


On Friday 7th October, all classes in our school watched and learned about the World’s Largest Lesson. The World’s Largest Lesson is an animated video which teaches children (and their teachers and parents) about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The Global Goals were agreed on by the UN in 2015. There are 17 of them and it is envisaged that they be achieved by the year 2030.

The goals aim to end extreme poverty and to make the world a fairer and more sustainable place. If these goals are to be realised, each global citizen must take action, however small, and we hope to play our part in RaLET.    

On Wednesday 12th October, reporters from RTE’s ‘news2day’ programme came to our school to find out what we were learning and doing about the Global Goals. They visited Fifth Class and asked us some questions. We explained to them that the first step in our action on the Global Goals would be to spread the word about them throughout the school and ask others to do the same. We thought that it was hugely important as a first step because in order for the goals to be achieved, everybody must know about them. RTE recorded footage of us travelling to second class on horseback, spreading the message.   
The “news2day” report was broadcast on Monday 17th October, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The episode is still available on RTE player if you have not seen it already. 


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Harvest Day 2016

On Friday 30th September, the school had a “Harvest Day”. We used food which we have been growing in the garden to feed the whole school. Everyone, from junior infants to 6th class, got to sample some pasta with homegrown tomato sauce and some tasty apple crumble made from the apple trees which we have growing around the school.



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Beach Day 2016

We all had another brilliant “Beach Day” on Friday 23rd September. There were lots of sports activities, a scavenger hunt, beach art and rock pool investigations. It was a great day! Check out the pictures below!

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Talent Show June 2016

Once again RaLET proves it has a lot of talent!! We had songs, jokes, gymnastics, dancing, rapping, guitar playing and violin playing. Well done to all the acts that took part.



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Summerfest 2016

Once again our Summerfest was a great success, raising over €1600 for the school. Well done to the PTA on a very successful event, despite the dreadful weather conditions. Thank you to all the parents and children who came along to support the school.

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Chess Tournament

RALET Chess Tournament 9th June

There was a chess tournament on June 9th this year in our school.  It was organised by our chess teacher Marco and Dermot. Participating were 2 teams from Skerries and 3 from Balbriggan and us,- 4 teams from R.A.L.E.T.

There were two groups, intermediate and advanced. In the intermediate group there were two teams from Ralet, two from Skerries and two from Balbriggan and the same in the advanced groups. Each person from would play five matches and depending on how many wins each person got, their scores  would be added together.  The team with the most wins won the whole thing.


In the intermediate group, Skerries A team won first place.  Second came Ralet A and  Balbriggan A was third.  In the advanced group Ralet A won. Skerries A was second and Balbriggan were third

Daniel  Milenbergs


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Global Citizenship School Event

Global Citizenship School Event

On Tuesday 31st of May, three students Harry Farrell, Grace Collins and Hayley Kusch from the Green School Committee, went to the Mansion House in Dublin for a ‘Global Citizenship School’ event. As this was the first major event of the programme, there were a few special guests including the Lord Mayor Of Dublin, the President of Ireland (Michael D. Higgins), his wife Sabina, the President of the I.N.T.O. ( Irish National Teacher’s Organisation ) and the Secretary of the INTO. There were only twenty schools that got to attend this event and our school, Rush and Lusk Educate Together, was lucky enough to be one of them.

Children from different schools around the country presented their own poems, stories and speeches about global citizenship. They also told us what they are doing in their own schools to address the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. It was great to hear all of their ideas. The President gave a speech in both Irish and English. He made some very interesting and important points about sustainable development. One of his points was that now is the time to act on climate change. He explained that we will be the last generation of people who won’t see the really serious effects of it. He said that if we keep going the way we’re going, parts of the world e.g. the Middle East will soon become completely inhabitable. This is something that’s really worth thinking about.

After the speeches were finished, we got a photograph taken with the President and his wife. We will show our photo here when we receive it.

Overall it was a great day and we had a brilliant time.


By Grace Collins and Hayley Kusch

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RaLET GAA Team 2016

This year the school GAA team was really, really small with only 11 players, David (Helen’s 4th class), Eric , Sam , Oran , Finn and Jack (all Marian’s 5th class) Jessica , Lorcan, Tom and Tadhg (from Simon’s 4th class). After weeks of training here in the school yard, we played our first match against Kinsealy. After a good match we won comfortably by about 7 or 8 points. Unfortunately we lost our last 2 matches, only barely, each only by about a point or 2. Then to our great surprise we somehow managed to make it to the quarter-finals. We were arguably the best team for most of the match but with mere seconds to go a  goal was scored by Gael Scoil Balbriggan and we were sent home. We do still have a blitz though, which we look forward to.

Written by Tadhg Gaffney 4th class

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Irish Aid Awards 2016


On the 17th of May 2016, Ciaran Barker, Adam Marik and Sophia Flood took part in the regional final of the Irish Aids awards in the Department of Education in Dublin City.

We got there by train and then walked the rest of the way. The doors were open at half-past eleven. When everyone went in, our posters were displayed and there was food out so everyone was allowed to walk around, have some food and drink and look at the posters.

Before we started the awards the three of us met the News2day reporter, Jill, and took a few photos.

We started off with an Irish Aid representative who taught us a song called Hugambo coming all the way from Tanzania in Africa. After that, an Irish aid crewperson taught us various dances. They gave out five prizes to the best dancers. It was tremendous fun!

Jim Gavin spoke to us about his time spent in Africa and about the importance of helping third world countries. After this, Tom called out all fourteen competing schools and gave each school a plaque. Adam, Sophia and I got a picture with Jim while holding the plaque.

Well done to the three schools that progressed to the All-Ireland Final in June. It was a FANTASTIC day and I would really recommend it for next year.


By Ciarán Barker, 5th Class

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West Midland’s Theatre Visit

The West Midlands Theatre came to our school on the 17th of May. They were very funny. Their performance was about why they built the wall of China. They called to people up and they were Holly from our class and Con from Anne’s class. They had to get props for them. The background was very cool. It had rivers and you could hide in it as well. There was a big Chinese house on the wall. The also had many different costumes. They also made us make background noises like thunder and lightning and rain. I hope they come back soon.

By Jessica – Simons 4th class

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